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Customer Comments

"It's one of the best rhythm guitars I've ever played - It's the ultimate chunk machine"

"Happy to hear Brian is doing well and the guitars are still great! I still play mine whenever possible- it's one of the best rhythm guitars I've ever played - it's the ultimate chunk machine. Taj Mahal wanted to buy it from me years ago.

You can hear it well on Steve Tyrell's version of "Until The Real Thing Comes Along" from his album "Standard Time" ( rhythm and solo) and "Bella Notte" from his Disney album. Of course I used it on tons of other recordings over the years including Rod Stewart's songbook CDs"

- Bob Mann, New York, NY

(James Taylor, Rod Stewart, Herbie Hancock, Barbara Streisand, Celine Dion, The Brecker Brothers, The Crusaders, Gladys Knight . . .)

"I am amazed by your craftsmanship and artistry."

"I am the envy of just about every guitar owner, player, collector, shop keeper, luthier I know!  I could not have asked for a more beautiful guitar... this is simply stunning work Brian - the playability, tone, sustain - all simply world class.  I am amazed by your craftsmanship and artistry.  You are a TRUE luthier!!"

Jordan John, Toronto, ON

"The tone and playability are fantastic."

"Brian's Bluesmaster and Blues Queen are the best instruments I have ever played for feel and tone.  I asked Brian to custom build for me a version of his Monty Rockmaster ll with 2x P90's and a bound 58/59 profile neck in Korina. The tone and playability are fantastic.  Brian's attention to detail makes these instruments exceptional and I hope to purchase a Monty Blues Queen in the future"

Alain Guindon, Montreal, Quebec

"Hands down...This is the most STUNNING instrument I have ever held in my hands!"

"Everything one reads in the comments on this site is true and possibly, even understated. The Look, the Feel, the TONE...all just unsurpassed.  Even unplugged, this is an amazing instrument.  If anyone visiting Brian's site is wondering "Should I?"...Yes. You should.

Many Thanks, Brian...Another job Well Done."

Davee Bryan,  Lake Worth, Florida

"Easily the finest crafted instrument I have ever played."

"My Monty experience was excellent from start to finish. Brian was very easy to work with and to get a hold of.  He spoke with me about every detail possible and made me the guitar that was easily the finest crafted instrument I have ever played. The Bluesmaster is light, feels impeccable in your hands and sounds killer."

Daniel Stein, Calgary, Alberta

"My desires were specific and my expectations were high, he exceeded everything I thought this guitar could be."

"I’ve played for 16 years, spent 5 years working in a major guitar shop and I have tried hundreds of guitars – half of them vintage. This is my dream guitar, in the hands of a builder who had already proven himself very capable in the Rockmaster (50s Les Paul Jr.-style) he had built for me before. My desires were specific and my expectations were high, he exceeded everything I thought this guitar could be."

- James Cain, Toronto, ON

"Super resonant and "toneful". The fit, finish and playability are superb."

"My Rockmaster 1  is super resonant and "toneful". The fit, finish and playability is superb.  I was initially concerned that his legendary ‘59 neck might be too big for me, but boy was I wrong. I’ve got about a dozen very nice electrics, and his neck is arguably the best of the’s just perfect. I also asked him to deviate from his default fret wire and bridge, and he accommodated me - the whole experience was very pleasant.  If you are on the fence about getting a custom Monty, I say go for it!"

Phil Noud - Van Nuys, CA

Guitarist and songwriter - The Redbeats

"I sound like Joe Pass without the skills!"

"Hey Brian, just a quick note to let you know how happy I am with the arch top. Sounds GREAT unplugged and equally great plugged into my old Polytone MiniBrute - I sound like Joe Pass without the skills! I put flat wounds on it, so no finger squeaks. Thanks for the hospitality and for another great guitar."

- Mike Stefano, Kingston, ON

"There is no new guitar made today that sounds anything as good as what Brian fabricates."

"Brian made me a Strat style and Tele style guitar. I also bought a V from him, which he fabricated in the 80's (when he was the opening act for Albert King) and I am beyond satisfied. I have one thing to say, the man is a craftsman. He understood exactly what I wanted and he made me two amazing guitars. I put them up against vintage instruments that I had played and I was blown away by how close his tone came to the old babies. As far as the V is concerned, it is awesome; what a fat smooth tone and amazing feel. I'm so happy with his work that I'm planning on having him make me a Blues Queen as well. There is no new guitar made today that sounds anything as good as what Brian fabricates. Anyone looking for vintage tone, hand-picked wood, with nitro finish, or whatever your needs are, see Brian!"

- George Pagakis, Montreal QC

"created the guitar I've been dreaming to play for 15 years"

"I heard about Brian Monty from word-of-mouth on the guitar forums. There are plenty of folks who call his guitars their number one. When I contacted Brian, he was very welcoming, and after a visit to play some of his Bluesmasters and the Blues Queen I dared not look back. He was responsive to my particular needs and created the guitar I've been dreaming of playing for 15 years. The Blues Master he made for me is more than a guitar, it's a musical instrument that just begs to be played. The purity of the sound cuts through unlike any guitar I've played before. The neck is just the way I like it and the play-ability is a dream come true. It feels like home. Aesthetically, the nicely blended finish is very tasteful and brings out the subtle richness of the curly birch top. If you're looking for a guitar that has that "guitarist's guitar" sound and feel, and are having a hard time finding it like I did, I highly recommend you consider one of Brian's."

 Chris Selman, Toronto, ON

"He completed the guitar in just about eight weeks time, and it is a joy to play."

"Choosing you was definitely the right choice. I cannot thank you enough."

"He completed the guitar in just about eight weeks time, and it is a joy to play. Brian knew exactly what I meant when I talked about the "feel" of my previous guitars just not being there, and my guitar feels as if I had had it for years. It was very affordable, it's lightweight and its quality and attention to detail is what I always wanted in an instrument. And it sounds like all my favorite albums! I plan on having another made later this year – I'm very proud to play one of Brian's guitars."

- John Bayarinas, Waterbury, CT

"Hey Brian, I just received the guitar today! Wow, she's beautiful! The neck is really a player… So the rumour is true that you really know how to build awesome necks. Sound wise - I only tested her out acoustically because my amp is being set up for a jam tonight... can't wait to test her out. The color is also perfect, I love it. It's been a pleasure dealing with you Brian, Les Pauls are my favorite guitars. I've had a couple over the years and I began searching for someone to build a quality Les Paul instead of resorting to these companies selling new-age machine-made crap. Choosing you was definitely the right choice. I cannot thank you enough."

 Steve Mateyk, Niagara Falls, ON

"The most musical piece of wood I have ever laid fingers on."

"Since I started playing at age eleven I've had the opportunity to strum pretty much everything from an orange box with old wire for strings to a '59 Les Paul and all points in between. When Brian handed me a Bluesmaster it put everything else I had ever touched so far behind it that I will never buy another type guitar again (one that I would actually play.) It is the most musical piece of wood I have ever laid fingers on. I read somewhere that Kurt Cobain once said 'Every guitar has a few good songs in it.' Brian's guitars have a lifetime's worth."

- Stephen 'Haggis' Harris, New York, NY

The Four Horsemen, The Cult, Zodiac Mindwarp &  The Love reaction

"I’m fortunate to own six Monty guitars"

"Brian Monty is beyond a Luither, he's a wood mystic - a Shaman of the woods if you will.  Having a guitar custom built by Brian Monty is a wonderful and very rewarding experience. Each and every one of his guitars has its own heart, soul, spirit and DNA.  He is incredible to work with and senses exactly what you desire. The attention to detail, the feel of the neck, the sonic presence & sustain is like no other, and the most stellar finishes you will ever see on a guitar. Each finish unique from the next; no mass pre-mixed stain & gloss here.  I’m fortunate to own 6 Monty guitars - the first I bought was from a dealer on a whim, and I was mesmerized instantly once I played it.  I have since ordered 5 custom spec Monty Guitars for myself. For the price you will not find a higher quality guitar on the market today, with so much heart, soul and  life!  Thanks Brain & Erica!."

- Greg Simpson

WP Beach, FL

"Superbly crafted instruments possessing exceptional tone, outstanding playability and great looks"

"I am a big fan of Brian Monty's and the proud owner of  a Bluesbilly and a Blues Queen.  Both are superbly crafted instruments possessing exceptional tone, outstanding playability and great looks. I have many guitars (far more than I deserve), but of all of them I find I am drawn most often to my Monty's."

- Rick Pfenniger

Miami, FL

"A beautifully functional work of art"

"I've been in the guitar business for over 40 years - including 10 years in an R&D / clinician / product specialist capacity for Yamaha and 3 years with Fender - and I have never played anything as spectacular as my Monty Swingbilly.   I like to call it "a beautifully functional work of art".   No one seems to be able to put their finger on exactly what it is - maybe it's because he's also a world class player and just "knows".   But you hear it before you plug into an amp - the upper harmonics ring like a bell - a note sustains and sings, but with a special purity that's just indescribable.  His necks are spectacular, so playable and comfortable."

- Curtis Ray Smith

Toronto, ON

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