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Why A Monty? 

Why pay the same or more for an off the shelf, mass produced "name brand" guitar, when you could own a custom made Monty?

Built to order.

Hand Made

Completely, from select tone woods.

Playable Necks

Brian Monty is renowned for carving the most playable necks in the business.

Player Built

Brian is a veteran (40+ years), world class guitarist who knows what guitarists are looking for in an instrument.


Chambered and Semi-hollow LP style bodies increase sustain, warmth and midrange - superior tone.​

Reasonably Priced

Prices comparable to Gibson, Fender, PRS, etc - but you get a custom built, handmade instrument.

Pros' Choice

Artists like Bob Mann, Billy Gibbons, Walter Becker, Jordan John can afford any guitar, but own Montys.

Rave Reviews

Read the customer comments  -  and visit > The Small Company Luthiers - search for "Monty".


Like vintage instruments, limited quantity, custom made instruments hold a higher value, far longer.

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