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Repairs and Custom Work

In addition to the Monty line of guitars, other specialized services are available, such as:


  • Building custom order guitars, necks and bodies

  • Period correct custom colour finishes of Fender guitars

  • Re-topping, re-necking and re-spraying Gibson guitars with old-fashioned nitro lacquer

  • Complete conversions of Les Paul Specials, JR's and early '50's Les Paul's to'59 style as well as converting ES-335 style basses to dot neck ES-335's.

  • Chambering for guitars that are too heavy

  • re-contouring of necks that don't have that vintage feel

  • Carving new tops and backs for damaged archtops and     flattops

Packages of my specialties to fit the customer's needs are available upon request. Check out some of my past projects in the photo section. These photos include:

  • Monty Bass

  • Les Paul Special conversion to flame top

  • LP JR conversion to gold top

  • Re-neck of broken ES-335

  • Custom Bluesmaster for April Wine

  • Custom 7 String

  • Custom SG-Style

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